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This space is dedicated to personal and group dreamlinking endeavors. I am certain I am not alone in my understanding of Dreamtime as a valid reality in which we can all interact within.

My first recorded and verified shared dream occured in 1996. I began my search, investigation and experimentation with dreamlinking, in earnest, just prior to the Spring of 2002.

My online friend, ">Larther and I began a series of experiments designed to connect us during a shared lucid dream. Many revelations presented themselves to us as well as many other dreamers taking part in several attempts since then.

Regardless of anyone's belief in the ability or practicality of such endeavors, I find myself sure of amazing discoveries, on the horizon, as we continue to explore the Dreamscape as a lucid meeting ground.<

If you have any interest just drop me an Email and I will be sure to include, or direct you to any future dreamlink endeavors. I look forward to meeting you in the DreamScape...

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Have you ever found yourself in a Dreamscape to suddenly realize you are dreaming? Knowing, for a fact, the state of your being does not reside in what you think of as your waking reality?

It is this state of being, many call Lucid Dreaming, which places you on the precipice of innumerable possibilities. The sky is no longer even a fraction of a limit. A multitude of realms, which defy explanation, await your thought or command to unfold before you.

The very definition you subscribe to as your self comes into question, allowing your very nature to be explored in an infinity of introspective angles.

The only limits which bar you from unlimited experiences are those you place on your own imagination...

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Monday, January 05, 2004
Dreamlink with Larther

Experiment # 1   Beginning 2/9/02

Larther and I are attempting to meet in a shared lucid dream.  The plan is to record our dreams from Friday-Sunday to get a feel for each other’s psyche.   This Monday-Wednesday we will attempt a shared lucid dream.  We do not have a target in mind just yet.

This morning at 08:30 AS time I awoke to record the following dream.  After recording it I returned to dreamtime to have another very long convoluted dream that I will not attempt to record due to length.  At that dreams conclusion I had a shorter dream that had a lucid moment of being able to taste.   At the conclusion of that dream I became fully lucid.  I will post the first dream here and the second two in the next post due to length.

Vacation/Mother Earth/The Agency

I am on vacation w/ my sister and her fiancée.  He is driving down a very bad dirt road.  He is swerving side-to-side taking the least bumpy route.  He knows the road very well and only complains once when he misses the least bumpy path.  We get to a lift system that you have to be prepared for (ski lift).  I catch the first set of lifts with them but become separated when they get on the second set.  I head off by myself knowing that he is going to be upset trying to look for me.  I am lost, as I have never gone this route before.

After much wandering and questioning people for directions I find my way to their house.  My sister is busy taking care of the kids.  Out back there are 4-5 people drinking and talking about their shooting skills.  My sister comes out and says I wouldn’t be a good shot since I would not shoot animals.  I tell her just because I am a vegetarian doesn’t mean I can’t shoot well (I was a vegetarian for 5 years but stopped in ’95.  The last two days I have not eaten meat in an attempt to lighten my digestive load for this experiment).

Somehow the conversation gets around to the use of nukes.  Everyone seems to be for using them except me.  My sis’s fiancée is silent but paying close attention to what I have to say.  I am very upset at the lack of concern for Mother Earth.  I am trying to convince the people of how important it is to nurture her and not use these horrible weapons of mass destruction.  People are making fun of me and insinuating she is indestructible.  At one point during the argument I tell them that she is the Blue Jewel of the universe.  I am lying on the ground tying to comfort the Earth.

My sis’s fiancée goes off arm and arm w/ some other girl as everyone departs the party.  I go inside and start to ask my sis about this other girl.  I stop as I realize that she must just be a friend from his past and would only make her mad at me.  Still I had to wonder if there might be something more to it than that.

I am trying to find a ride back home.  I realize I am a CIA agent and I do not know whom to trust.  Some of my colleagues have been killed and there is a huge inner struggle in the organization.  I see someone I recognize from work and ask if he is heading back.  He signals yes but not until much later.  I decide to hitch a ride back myself.   As I am on the road a female coworker tells me to be cautious.

The dream that leads up to lucidity...The Party

I am with a group of coworkers.  We are all dressed up and getting ready to go to a Christmas party.  We get into cars and go to the place where the party is.  I notice, as we enter, that the place looks like a mini carnival.  We walk through a cheesy-looking, indoor midway.  There is no food or beverages.  I go to the back and find a woman busy trying to prepare our food.   I see a bowl that contains cake batter.  I dip my finger in and taste it.  It is delicious, (first time I can ever recall tasting in a dream.  I ask her how long until the food is done.   She says a few hours, and tells me the lady who organized the event called her too late.   I go over to a man who is complaining and put my hand on both his shoulders.  I tell him that it was going to be a couple of hours until the food would be done.  I suggest we all leave and come back later.  

We leave and everyone is getting into cars.  I set down and pretend to be in a car.  I mouthed rrr rrr and started faking driving an invisible car.  I was even making the changing gears noise.  When everyone had drove off and I was alone, without any scene except road, I realized I was dreaming.

Lucid Blue…

The first thought, once I knew I was dreaming, was to find Lar.  Once I began to think of how to do it I started to lose clarity.  I repeated more clarity twice and it was restored.  I thought I should just ask for Lar to be there.  A man came walking up from out of the distance.  I stopped him and asked if he was Lar.  He seemed unsure at first and the said yes.  I said it's me (my real name) and then said Seth.  He seemed to be a bit leery of me.  His face turned completely blue, as if this act would scare me.  So I made my hands glow blue.  Then he made his face turn blue in a strange pattern, (I will draw it and try to get it in my gallery acct. ASAP).  Then I shot energy up in the air and saw a blue snowflake looking star form.  

He pulled out a cigarette and started smoking.  I asked him if he had another one.  He said yes and started to hand me one.  It fell on the ground and rolled across the street.  As I went to get it a bus came around the corner and I jumped out the way.  I looked at him and asked if he had created the bus.  He did not say yes but had a mischievous look in his eyes.  As I watched the bus drive away I saw an old torn up bus on the side of the road.  I started to interpret the meaning of the old bus and the new as a dream of renewal.

We entered a scene where there were lots of people standing around a city street.  (Lar) started singing and dancing, impressing the bystanders.  I started singing and dancing as well after he finished his bit.  I wondered, as I began, what I was going to sing.  I just, naturally, started singing and dancing a song that I made up as I went.  When I finished everyone started gathering around us.  I thought we should all fly and we all started rising up off the ground.  Everyone was putting out their arms and taking right to it.

I awoke with as much or more excitement then the morning of my first OBE.  No drowsiness. I immediately wrote this down in the notebook I brought to bed with me.  Too cool!


I think you somehow actually drew a part of my consciousness into your dream. As I re-read your dream, I realize that not only was the color blue which I manifested in my face significant, but [and I missed this totally the first time I read your dream] the bus which came through is also a very meaningfull symbol in my dreams, more meanigfull even than the color blue.  A bus in my dreams always represents my "soul." The passengers on the bus represent my other incarnations, and the driver represents my "oversoul." riding on a bus also represents a transition for me within the dream. Usually at the end of a dream when I am about to awaken, I will find myself on a bus, and my stop comes up.  It is a symbol for the trasition from one state to another.  The fact that you percieved the bus as my manifestation seems to further support that a part of my consciouness was actually there. As I told you earlier, blue is symbolic of awareness for me, especially blue light.  The blue snowflake-like star that you created in the dream ties in here. Perhaps also the "Blue Gem of the Universe."

Journey lucid,(this is my sign-off)


PS - Sorry about the bus thing


Before I start recording the dreams from last night I thought I should mention this.  All day yesterday I had pain around my solar plexus area.  It kind of felt like someone had punched me in the chest.  I have no way of explaining this, as I have had no trauma to the area.  Strange.  I also had a headache all night until I broke down and ate a patty melt.  It went away almost immediately.

Spider bite...

I am at the top of a building that is under construction.  I am taking all these coins that I find there.  I know I shouldn’t take them.  As I am trying to make my way down I reach up in a small crevice to pull myself up.  I feel my right forefinger get bitten by something.  I look at it and see three small raised areas smaller to bigger in a straight line.  I think a brown recluse may have bitten me.  I squeeze some clear fluid out and continue to an elevator.  I am looking at my finger and it is getting very nasty.  Other people on the elevator tell me I should go to the hospital.  I look at my finger again and notice it is getting black at the tip with a wide hole growing in it.  I think of chopping it off.  I see it getting blacker and blacker, eating away.  I think okay, this is it, I am going to die.  Then I asked God to heal it and I will never take anything that isn’t mine ever again.  My finger is restored.   Everyone on the elevator is amazed.

Bus ride to Hobbit town...

I am on a bus.  I am sitting in the seat nest to the driver.  There are 2 seats there, where the door should be.  Two guys in the back are telling me to stay up front because there is no room in the back.  I look back and see one person to every three seats.  Someone says, ‘Yeah, you just want all those seats to yourself so you can lie down.”  The driver is driving very fast.  He is running up curbs as he goes around corners.  Instead of speeding up as he comes out of the turns, he speeds up going into them.  We are on a highway.  A semi-truck goes off the road, up an embankment, then back down on the road to avoid the crazy driving of the bus.   We come up to a toll area.  Instead of going around the right side where wide vehicles go, the driver somehow squeezes the bus between the booths in a car lane.  This seems to be an impossible task.

I am off the bus.  We are walking past a construction zone where two workers are wrestling.  One has had his shirt ripped off.  There are two people outside the fence throwing dirt clods at the two workers.  I move up a hill to get a higher perspective and clear of the foray.  I see a woman throwing clods from the bottom of the hill.  She has joined the other two in throwing them at the workers.  I throw a couple of small ones down towards her.  She starts throwing them up at me.  

I slide down the hill, very fast, and tackle her.  I notice she is very small.   She seems to convey age and wisdom in her face but has an underdeveloped body, short in stature.  She asks if I want to go out with her.  I tell her if she can buy a drink at the bar I will.  She agrees and enters a bar on my left.  The doors are very short.  I open the door and see lots of other women that are similar in stature dancing inside.  I close the door and leave to find my friends at the restaurant next door.

I am having trouble finding the entrance.  I go in one door (very short again) and find myself in the men’s room.  All the doors are small, (it is like I am in Hobbit town).  I see a beautiful hummingbird scene on a clear glass gong thing.  It has a small glass rod that I use to strike it with.  The sound is wonderful.   I look close at it and see two dates on it.   One is 1898.  The other is 1963 (the year I was born) I think to myself that it must be worth quite a bit.  I decide not to take it, even though the thought had occurred

PS Lar, don't sweat the bus thing, it would have just passed right through if I hadn't gotten out of the way.


Before recording dreams from last night (no AS HQ memories} I thought I would relay a strange thing that happened when I returned from work and was working some dreams at the Dream doctor bbds.  As I was watching the screen my vision began to shift side to side.  It was as if part of my consciousness was struggling to get off to the side.  I am not sure if this was an attempt by SETH to work the boards through me or ?.  It was so strange that it even scared my wife. :o  I checked the time after it subsided and noticed that it was around midnight AS time.  Lar, did you try to summon my consciousness last night?  That was the only other thing I could think of in relation to this strange experience.

In service of England...

I am back in the service again, stationed in England.  The first three days I am in processing go by with me in a complete daze.  I do not remember a thing.  I see a snooker table and think I could become quite a good player during my three years here.  (When I was stationed there I found it to be a very challenging game).  I go by a snack bar that is closed and take a candy bar.  I leave 75 cents there since there is no one to take my money.  A couple of people come to question me about taking it and I show them that I put the money there.  I find my bunk.  I think I have got it made with a room all to myself, when one of my roommates pops in and shows me around the room to where there are two more sets of bunks.   The room has beds for five.  

I find a phone and call my wife back in the states.  I make a mistake relaying the number to the operator.  She repeats it as I am telling it to her.  There is a long silence and my wife finally answers.  I think she will be depressed but she is quite positive and says it will only be three years and they should pass by quickly.  

Tidal wave

I am now stationed in some boggy area.  I am out in the middle of a swamp on a little island.  A couple is using small logs to float on the water.  I try to use one to float over to the mainland.  I fall in and think what I mess I am going to become.  The thought of alligators crosses my mind.  I swim over to the mainland and get out.

I am with a bunch of sailors.  We are knocking down a series of huge walls by running at them and pushing them over with all of our might.  A couple of walls take two runs at them to push over.  There is a sense of urgency as a tidal wave is coming up behind us.  As we knock the last one over I dart to my right behind a little inlet.   I grab another sailor and pull him to safety.  We both grab a third guy and help him too just as the tidal wave hits.  We are immersed by the water but our little inlet saves us from being swept away by the force of it.


No lucidity last night.  Last three nights I have had pain in the back of my neck.  Did pillar of light exercise and meditated prior to sleep.  Maybe too intense.  Will attempt to relax into this...

Out of gas

Wife and I go on an outdoor vacation.  We are camping.  After two days we have had it and decide to head back early.  As we are driving back the car runs out of gas.  The car is one of the very old (1940ish) models.  I pull it over beside a tree on the side of the road.  Some people I know from work pull over to give us a lift.  They are driving a vw.  There are already four people in the car.  The two in the back seat sit on each others lap so the wife and I do the same next to them.  The driver is asking what is wrong with the car and suggesting all kinds of scenarios.  I tell them it just ran out of gas.


Still no lucidity. I am really going to turn the heat up with meditation and reality checks today.  Then relax into it tonight so I don't stress too much.

Bits and pieces

Was driving a small 1/4 ton pickup.  Had my stuff loaded in the back.  Took off too quick and the stuff all slid out onto ground.  Had to create a non slip surface to ensure it did not happen again...

Was back in one of my boyhood towns watching the mountains I used to climb.  There was a flying aparatus that could explore.  I was convinced there was a cave going downward from the top of one of the peaks.  I knew that if it found it we could go in and discover amazing secrets.

That is about all I can recall.  Let's stay positive and relax into this Lar...   I know we can do it!


Very strange dream last night, no lucidity but I feel it is close...

Two Realities

The dream consisted of myself and two other men exploring two different realities.  One was very scary with strange people who needed our blood for a transfusion to save a man who was nearly completely deflated like a balloon.  I had this dream twice with a variation.  The first time I let my blood be taken.  The second time I noticed that the line from me was not hooked to anything.  The assistant came to hook it up and I took it out of my arm as I felt some sort of sinister impressions coming from the assistant.  There was a field of energy that was the gateway from this very strange, surreal world to (what I can only assume was waking reality, or so I thought).  We were preparing to leave, as the world we were in was destroying itself.  One  of my two friends was missing.  I found him rolled up in a bunch of paper, kind of like mummified, and I start to tear off the paper.  When I get him nearly all the way uncovered (I thought he might be dead) he moved around alot and tried to scare me.  I was upset that he was faking like  something was wrong with him.  

I remember at one point in the dream throwing things at the portal and watching them disappear.  Also had the feeling that the surreal world was full of vampiric type entities.


Sleep cycle interrupted by vehicle drama.  I have a couple of interesting tidbits that I recall from when I finally did return to sleep.  No lucidity but felt close again.  Might be overstressing due to last night of experiment?

The Sleep Machine

I wake up and look next to me (I am actually still in a dream, or somewhere else?) and see a machine that keeps track of sleep cycles.  It shows the different stages, how long I was in those stages including the length in REM.  It is like a home version of the machines they use for clinical studies.  I can see a graph showing how long I was in each stage my last sleep cycle.  8)

I am desperately looking for my car so I can get home.  I have been out past when I usually go home and was speaking with the wife on a cell phone.  I know she will be upset if I do not find the car and get home soon.  I ask a valet at a place I was driving through and he refuses to help.  I let him know that if I see him around town it is on... (where did this come from?)




          Shared lucid dream experiment #1

                             Participants: Larther and Myseth

Larther and I have been in communication via AS IM as well as AS and AOL chat throughout the experiment.  We decided to keep our real names from each other so we may relay them to each other during a shared lucid dream for validation of the veracity of our meeting.  Included in this synopsis is records of our IM's that I feel will help with future success as well as interpretations of our dreams and impressions of possible insights into each others conscious/subconscious images.  Both Larther and I feel experiments of this nature shared with AS might help increase the success of other such meetings.   As such Larther and I will create a thread in the AS projects forum containing the results of our experiments as well as the impressions and communications.

The first few nights of our experiment we were going to just record our dreams and get a feel for each others psyches and dream images. As you will see from the results I became lucid the first night and had the presence of mind to invoke Larther’s presence.  I had the feeling during the day preceding the dream I might become lucid and kept affirming my desire to meet with Larther.

Larther is of the belief, and I share it, that a part of his consciousness did indeed participate in the first lucid dream.   We both use the color blue in our IM’s when opening and signing off.  The color blue had a very significant role in this dream which henceforth will be referred to as Lucid Blue.  During one of our chats I asked Larther if he smoked.  He said he had in the past.  I currently have a cigarette on occasion after having quit for a few months.  The significance of this can be seen in Lucid Blue.   Larther further stated the importance of the symbol of the bus in our conversation.  See his thoughts on this.  Symbols of vehicles in my dreams are usually cars, trucks, or motorcycles as they are my main forms of transportation and make excellent symbols for my lifestyle.  The last bus dream I can recall dates back to '97 when I boarded a bus in England heading for New Zealand.  As I reached the area of Mildenhall, where I was stationed in the USAF, I got off the bus.  Another woman stepped off the bus to say goodbye.  I notice her eyes glow with a golden light.  After she boarded and left I thought I might have made a mistake by not staying on the bus and going with them.  Other than this dream I have no other recollections of bus dreams at all.

I submit these reflections, interpretations. And impressions in the Spirit of sharing and the hope they might help facilitate future meeting with Larther and any other AS member who share this desire.

Post from my good friend Omar....

Hey,sorry to butt in but I just wanted to say that

good work guys!

I've been following your endeavors and I must say that this is extremely interesting.

Keep up the good work!  

I believe I speak for both of us when I say THANK YOU!

Your presence is always welcome...

I believe a dream meeting took place last night as well.  Check the dream thread of journal for that possible meeting.  A few of us AS members were in a chat last night and I believe that helped to incubate the dream/meeting/whatever it was.  Very interesting.  I was quite excited on awakening.

Lar, Orbs, Rahie, Hal, Qki -check it out

I am posting this here because of the dream-like quality but it felt like a meeting.  Other people seemed to speak for themselves.  This dream follows a 2/17/02 group chat with many AS members on AOL IM.

I go to a physical meeting with AS members.  There are three guys living in the same place.  I get along well with one.  One is mad at me over a misunderstanding about message he heard while listening to an argument.  The third is indifferent.  I give a long diatribe on the illusional aspecst of duality and the truth of oneness...

I have ridden my motorcycle to where they live.  The one who is upset with me reveals why.  He claims I was mean to my cousin Albert (I have many cousins in reality, none named Albert).

We tell each other our AS names.  I cannot remember what they were but they seemed to rhyme.  

We go on a trip together in a van.  It looks exactly like the Mystery Machine (Scooby doo's ride).  They start to drive off without me.  I catch up.   We go to a second story apartment of another member that we have all been in communication with.  His mother and siblings are there.  I am having trouble understanding them due to thick English accents and talking fast.

Finally I begin to understand the mother.  She is short and stout with shortish, gray, curly hair.  She says something about being from New York or something like that.  She carries on a conversation with me that I cannot recall the details of.  We all start to leave when this sister or niece of the resident looks at me with sad eyes.  She does not want me to leave.  I squeeze her shoulder in a gesture that lets her know she is loved.  I see her tear up.

As we leave I ask one of the members if he has ever gone to someone’s house and had them not want him to leave because they instantly loved him.  He doesn't answer but seems to affirm yes.

As we are leaving I notice two members of the family have Mercedes.  They are packing them up to go on a trip.  

Two of the members and I go to a beach with a boardwalk.  The other two require passes to a certain area (like a video game).   I have already gotten one and tell them where to get theirs.  

We are back in the van heading back to the first place.  We stop so I can follow on my motorcycle.  They take off before I can get it started.  I realize I don't have my helmet.  I finally get it started after some trouble and catch up.  

Back at the ground floor apartment I am listening to the tape the guy who is mad says incriminates me.  It is clearly not my voice.  The guy whose voice it is does accents and octave changes, as do I, making it appear (personality-wise) that it is I.  The third guy (indifferent) now has a chart that proves, by my absence, that I cannot be the Albert verbal abuser due to my inability of being in two places at once.  His chart is crazy and funny.  The guy now has the appearance of Einstein.  He is showing his theory on a piece of white cardboard.  It makes perfect sense and is clear to me.  No one but I seem to take an interest in it.  

Suddenly the walls to the apartment open up and disappear.  All the neighbors come out and around us.  A celebration, music ensues.  Dancing, children playing.  Peace and love are so predominant that I feel completely at home.

Awakened very excited and recorded this immediately.  I know this could just be a subconscious meeting of AS or my subconscious mind but due to the AS theme I thought it worthy of consideration


Vacation/Mother Earth/The Agency

Getting away from it all guided by my authority self (sister's fiancee is a police officer).  Missed second chance to lift higher.  Finally make it w/out guidance.  Questions of targeting.  Conversations of destruction.  Compassion and stewardship displayed towards Mother Earth.  Acknowledgment of membership to secret society that is in a state of turmoil.  

The Party

Group working in same endeavors.  Attempt to gather and celebrate while moving through illusional states.  Preparations of nourishment not quite ready.  Have just a taste of the goodness that will be offered.  Decide to wait until preparations are finalized.

I do not wish to interpret Lucid Blue as I believe it provides much more than metaphorical images and would like to leave it clear for individual assessment.

Spider Bite

Seems to be a warning not to take of the gifts of higher planes of consciousness without earning them first.  Healing can occur when asked for with agreement to take only that which is earned.  Three raised areas could be pointing out (forefinger) three areas that need to be raised and cleared first.

Bus ride to Hobbit Town

Indicates a journey that everyone desires to be comfortable taking.  I am close to the one in control of journey but not directing it.  The driver seems to be going too quickly but makes the seemingly impossible possible.  Inner struggle in construction.  Mudslinging at those in construction of ? seems to be taking place.  Trying to get a higher view of the scene.  

Trying to ascertain readiness of woman or female aspect of self in relation to joining the journey.  Gateways to new, sustenance very narrow.  Find an announcing device but leave it be.

In service of England

Back in service of God/Man/Earth.  A bit unaware of what is required at first.   Sharpening skills in precision considered.  Questions as to my having payed for treating myself.  Sharing sleeping space with four.  The numbers 3...5..75-7+5=12-1+2=3 appear for those who would like a stab at the numerological references.  3 to me is trinity, conscious/subconscious/superconscious.  5 to me is change with the expectation of success or half of completion.  12 to me is spiritual completion, cosmic order.

This dream ends with questions of clarity in regards to communications with wife.  She seems okay with my mission even though I am of the belief that she might not be happy about the time it will take.

Tidal wave

Seems to indicate being in the middle of some emotions with a lingering fear that could surface.  Breaking through barriers.  A second effort required for some.  Escape the brunt of an emotional wave.  Helping two others to escape the force of it as well.

Out of gas

Getting back to what is natural.  Lifestyle (car) isn't enough to make it all the way.  Helped by those who are taking the same path.  Closeness shared.  Illogical suggestions offered by new driver.  Just need more energy.


A smaller vessel atop a larger one treading the subconscious.  Transformation taking place in the occupants of smaller vessel.  Realization of my alien self.  Attempts to fit in regardless of my alien beliefs.

Boston Public

Female instructor led to school under guise of illusion.  Everything seems innocent.  Dysfunctional lifestyle kills aspect of self.  Looking at past shows fidelity issues that are resolved through integration.  Three warning shots are fired and alert higher aspects who are not happy with the danger it has put them in.

My DJ past

This appears to be indicating the need to get into a groove (needle on record) in time so as to get the music (message) in the air instead of letting it die out.

Two Realities

Three aspects of self exploring two realities.  There seemed to be another aspect that was in need of energy.  The variation had me willing the first time and trepidation kept me from letting myself be tapped the second time as it did not seem to matter anyhow.  A trickster aspect of self was playing dead and then trying to suprise me.  Maybe trying to shock me into lucidity?  Very strange.

Experiment #1 discussions

                                                          Records of IMs with Larther

Re: an experiment in the mobility of consciousness on: 02/04/02 at 02:44:14

Greetings Lar,

I am fairly certain we will have success with the shared lucid dream.  If we post our dreams in our journals at the same time of the day we can verify the accuracy of the experiment.  Might help us to tune into each others energy by sharing our regular dreams as well.  Should help me get back into journaling again.

I wonder if there is a theme or destination that can act as a target.  I also thought of keeping the three letters LAR as a way to personally target you astrally.  

The reincarnational selves is a fantastic idea as well.  In Monroe's work I recall him helping past incarnation selves that were stuck in lower realms, fighting battles over and over again, unaware that they had died, to reach the meeting place in the higher realms.  I think this could be our chance to do that as well as enjoy times past and future.


Re: ? on: 02/06/02 at 15:11:43


Don't sweat last night.  I was fairly tired from working on my truck and other yardly duties.  Everything you suggested sound great to me.  I will start a new thread for projects as well.  I'll include dreams that seem apropos.  Other dreams from the same nights will be in the dream thread of my journal.  If you don't mind I have an idea for a technique/result journal thread for lucid explorations that I was wanting to begin with the Body Check method. Well, I need to get more work done on the truck.  Rap with you later.


Re: LD Meeting on: 02/11/02 at 17:12:46


Check my journal entry for the weird thing that happened last night.  The first thought was that you had made it to the AS HQ and part of my consciousness was being called away.  It lasted for about ten minutes.  The wife even started freaking over it.  I was explaining to her what I was feeling and she told me to stop cause I was scaring her.  We just had some very upsetting news about an aquaintence of ours and she has been very sensitive.

My second thought was that SETH was attempting to take control over my fingers in order to work the dreams at the dream doctor bbds.  There was a similar feeling the time I channeled Nicholas back in the bayou.  It is kind of like you are there but just off to the side of yourself.  Only last night it was like my consciousness couldn't make up it's mind and kept going back and forth, side to side.  Very odd!

Upon further reflection of your first dream I remembered the only nightmares I could recall from my childhood.  I would be trying to hide from dinosaurs.  I would be in a house or neighborhood and I could feel the ground shaking and sometimes see them in the distance.  I think all those old Godzilla movies had quite an impact on my formative mind.  When I watched Jurassic Park the first time, it took me back to those nightmares.

Well I finally found my sign off.  I must be off for now.  Rap later.

Keep it AStreal,


EXPERIMENT#1 on: 02/13/02 at 19:52:27


I think we should extend our experiment through Friday night, posting our last results on Saturday.

Now that I think about it, we could have just focused on meeting each other in our dreams from the get-go (friday 2/8/02) instead of using those three days just to get accustomed to each others dream symbolism (we would have gotten accustomed anyway).  Overall, I think 5 to 6 days of attempting a dreamlink is a good amount of time for an experiment such as ours.  It is ideed like a week intensive.  What do you think?

Curious, this dream of yours about the snowed-in shcool, and Lauren, and the black actor who orchestrated her visit.  Also interesting was the sub-dream about the student's relationship with the girl who had infidelity issues; this sounds related to my dream about having an affair with the married woman, and her husband catching us.  The snowed-in school could have fit very easilly into my dream of a couple nights before.  What is your interpretation of your dream?

I think it would be interesting if we got Enchanted to join us in a similar "dream-link intensive" in the future.

Journey lucid, my friend!


Re: EXPERIMENT#1 on: 02/13/02 at 23:37:51

Greetings Lar  

I couldn't agree more!  I have to admit that my intention was to wait too but I had a feeling all day that I was going to get lucid.  When I did, my intentions to contact you were still at the forefront of my mind.  Yes, or even a full seven days.  Anytime I find myself lucid from now on I am going to call you or another AS member to try and establish a link...  Yes it could be that my consciousness picked up on your dream through reading it or otherwise.  I usually do not dream about snow as I have very little experience with it.  I projected onto the dream so I feel uncertain of the results.  I don't think I will be able to do a proper interpretation until later without further jeapordizing the authenticity of our experiment.  I was going to interpret them all and post in a results thread when we are done with it.  I think that is a great idea!   Rahie and I chatted for an hour or so today and he expressed a desire to be called as well once we succeed.  We discussed many different ideas that we believe will help facilitate P4.  He asked me to post my thoughts on the project thread in the forum.  I will try to get to that tonight.  BTW, the post that you sent me to check-out, was it the part about the bumpy road that you were directing me to.  If so, I got it.  I'm off for now!  Let me know what you think?

Your friend,


EXPERIMENT#1 on: 02/15/02 at 11:05:15



Quote from Seth: I don't think I will be able to do a proper interpretation until later without further jeapordizing the authenticity of our experiment.ote:I don't think I will be able to do a proper interpretation until later without further jeapordizing the authenticity of our experiment.

Do you think that by offering interpretations of our dreams and symbolism, we jeopardize the integrity of the experiment?

It was my belief that if we got to know each others symbolism, it would strengthen our rapport, thus making a dream link easier to establish.


Re: EXPERIMENT#1 on: 02/15/02 at 11:59:50

Hey Lar,

There are some very telling things in our dreams if analyzed by me before the experiments conclusion could taint the veracity of our claims of actually meeting.  You have already hit upon some things that lead me to believe you are picking up on me from symbols you have read in my dreams.  (You are going to be quite amazed)  I know we agreed to exchange our real names but I think mannerisms, physical traits, etc. would be additional validation factors that we should try to keep pure.  

If you think I am being too anal about this let me know?  I was greatly influenced by the work of Robert Monroe and was impressed with the scientific approach he took to validating his experiences.  His work was the foundation on which I approached my own experiences.  His words entered my consciousness during my experiences to assist in returning to my body as well as staying close to it the first couple of times.

After Friday we can take a look at the series of dreams we had during the experiment, interpret them from both viewpoints, review possible images/situations/etc. that seem to be us picking up on each others subconsciousness/consciousness.  After we let that sink in we could always try again with a clearer image of each other based on our results.  Still leaving our real names out for validation.  Of course I am really hoping tonight will be the night we are both completely conscious in a successful shared lucid dream!

BTW, I should have the dream backdrop done today.  I have finished two sculptures and will be taking a picture and getting it in the gallery by mon-wed.  Also you mentioned bringing Enchanted in, has she made a request or was it because of the dream hit she made?

What do you think friend?

Keep it AStreal,


experiment #1 on: 02/15/02 at 14:36:22

Hi Seth

No, I didn't think you were being too anal, I just wanted to understand where you were coming from.  After reading your last message, I can see how it might be better to hold off on interpretations till after the whole experiment is finished.

Enchanted did not request to be part of our experiment, but based on her posts under Foromo's thread, I thought she would make a good candidate for the dream-link intensive.

BTW - I think it would be interesting if we did this experiment in a thread under the Projects forum.  This way when people accessed it, it would be all in one place. What do you think?

Also, I think it's important that we save all correspondence between us related to the experiment - including transcripts of our chat sessions.

I'm going to really pour it on tonight!

Two Journeys! One Destination!


Re: experiment #1 on: 02/16/02 at 13:04:44

Hey Seth,

That's cool.  I just finished printing out our dreams from the experiment so can analyze them.  I was reading over our IM's, and our fisrt chat session (i printed it).  I can't do AOL chat because I was only trial testing their 7.0 version, and I don't have it anymore. Is there someplace else on the web we could chat.  Or do you know what the problem was with the AS chat room, that we might correct it?


Re: EXPERIMENT#1 on: 02/17/02 at 13:22:40


I am going to take a bit more time with these interpretations.  They are a bit much and need condensing. I will try to get everything done tonight and posted by tomorrow.  It has become a monster of my own making and might be a complete bore to the reader.


Re: experiment #1 on: 02/18/02 at 14:11:15


Everything going okay?  Had a cool dream last night!  Posted it in dream thread as I don't want to mess up the Endeavor thread until all results are posted.   I wasn't lucid but the dream had a quality of the other characters having their own thoughts.  Seemed like a meeting to me in the more subconscious levels.  I am dedicating a few hours today to get the interps and thoughts in Endeavors thread.  IM me if I am online when you check in.  

Create a great day,



I don't have some of your earlier IM's as my inbox was too full and I was having trouble keeping track of new messages.  :-/ If you have any in your sent folder that are experiment related please IM them to me so I can modify.  Thanks

Keep it Astreal,


In Summation

All quotes are from Larther's Journal unless otherwise stated...


But in one dream, I remember being out in the street at night.

This is exactly the type of environment as the beginning of Lucid Blue.



Now, I turned off the street I was on and went one block over.  But here, there was light in the sky,

This is also a prevalent in Lucid blue.



There was about three inches of snow on the ground, and the street seemed very quiet.

As Larther has suggested in his summation this seems to coincide with the ski lift portion of the dream I had prior to lucidity.

Busses take a group of people to a common destination.  This could be a change in my consciousness as I attempt these shared journies with AS members.  The bus ride included a seemingly impossible manuever which could coincide with what most people believe in regards to meeting in dreams.  It could also be my picking up on Larther's images as he has suggested.


She tells me that I did not give her some change that I owed her.  I tell her that I will pay her the money.  

This theme popped up in In Service of England to some extent.


He is about 5’8-9”, has brown hair, and I seem to recall him having facial hair also, perhaps glasses.  

With the exception of the glasses, a general description of my physical characteristics would fit here.


I have a feeling this last dream is connected to Seth somehow.

Never underestimate the power of a feeling.  This came to Larther in relation to the dream the last two quotes deal with.  Upon reading the dream myself I was struck by the mentioning of a wife, general description, and money theme.  Of course I do not think Larther and my wife are having an affair but my thoughts of linking with him are centered at the time I am in bed with my wife (affirming a dream link prior to sleep).

Final thoughts...

Overall I believe this experiment to be a launching pad that will help further attempts by Larther and I to connect in the future.  We have chatted about ideas of linking a third member when we both have complete consciousness present in a shared lucid dream.  

If this idea is one that feels compatible with you be sure to IM Larther or I so your name will be in our consciousness.

If enough members could link together in pairs and those pairs were known to each other we could attempt pair links as well.  Then it would be a simple matter of grouping together to find success with the P4 project that many other members are interested in furthering

Any comments or thoughts on this experiment by comparing Larthers journal entries with mine are appreciated.

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